Refurbished, Like new decals, We have multiple units in stock. This Pepsi Dixie Narco 276e has been reconditioned and looks like new.7 Multi-Price Selections for Cans and BottlesCall or Text Tim or Paul Anytime 81361883634934
Royal 550 Soda Vending MachineMulti-Price, gets ice coldRefurbished and location ready, tested and set up to your specificationsCall or Text Tim or Paul Anytime 81361883637789
Very High Capacity Soda Vending MachineMulti-Price, vends cans or bottlesRefurbished, set up to your specifications, and delivered location readyCall or Text Tim or Paul Anytime 81361883631907794
It's been off for a 6 months but the compressor does turn on and it gets cold might need some TLC $200 or best offer need it gone