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Journeyman tile setters with 30 years experience. Serving Naples area since 1984. Licensed and well insured. Shower repair, leaky shower pan repair, loose tile repairreplacement, grout staining, grout cleaning and sealing. New tile installations using the best techniques and materials. Porcelain tile, ceramic tile, quarry tile, glass tile, mosaic tile, Mexican tile, shell stone, marble tile, gr...
Great prices on granite starting $ 30.00 per sq. ft. installed. Six Level 1 colors at $33.00 and six more at $ 36.00. Nine Level3 or 4 colors on sale at $ 45.00. Free UM 18 gauge stainless steel sink with 50 sq. ft. or more. Excellent prices on Cabinets, tile, wood flooring and more Call .