Chicken coop bought at Tractor supply about 2 months ago. Sells new for $300 also have paint I will include with purchase. You can text me at Thank you.
When hatching chickens 70 will be males roosters. Only30-40 will be females future egg layers. We dont sell the cheapest chicks. We go thru the trouble of sexing ,to make sure you get what you want. After sexing selling chickens for 40 years were doing something right. Females for Eggs , Males for Eating Breeding. Grandpa is here to help you. Chicken 101, made easy. Come visit the farm or our F...
Exterior wood, paint screws. I used them for nesting birds. With the addition of chicken wire can home 3-4 chickens per unit. Will need a trailer to move them. Send text message with questions or if you want to see them.Used just for nesting 15 or so birds can sleep in each one.
Salmon faverolle hen and rooster pair. Big beautiful and healthy. Breeder quality , not from hatchery stock. Hen is laying. Both are 10 months old Also have chicks Chickens chicks roo cockerel pullet chicken
Fresh Chicken Eggs $3 A Dozen.. $4 an 18 PackI also have Fertile eggs available upon request. $6 a Dz. Rooster is Splash MaranHens are a variety of Ameraucana, Easter Eggers, Barred Rock, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Sumatra and a few crossed breeds. You will get a mix of all eggs per dozen.


Baby chicks $1 A week old chicks $25 weeks old chicks $5Rhode Island Red breedersRooster $10Hens $15Red ranger broilers BreedersHens $15Roosters $15
Silver laced Wyandottebuff cross organically fed Naples .....text These chickens are all hatched and raised on our farm not from hatcheries , mom and dads are all organically fed and free ranged . Our goal is to breed and raise healthy chickens not to mass produce ...
1 dozen very rare Black Ayam Cemani fresh eggs ready for hatching in your incubator. The Ayam Cemani chicken is very unique and beautiful breed, totally black inside and out. We have a 99 successful hatch rate at our facility.
I have a few black copper marans, blue copper marans, and buff orpingtons left from Sundays hatch. $10 each, straight run. First come, first serveChicks, chickens, eggs, hens, roosters.
Mulberry trees all sizes. This particular species of mulberry is a terrific plant in that it has multiple uses. First of all it has really big fruit that is black in color and really sweet Secondly it is a perfect green food for rabbits , goats,and sheep. This is also the plant that is used in raising silk worms . If you shred the leaves chickens also benefit. We have several sizes available wi...


These are my beautiful chickens, they are big size. Im selling their eggs to incubate, $7 dozen. They are mix, dont know which eggs are whos.Rooster is in picture
List of rabbit cages available.2 hole with built in hay feeders one hole 30x24x20 $45.2 hole plastic coated with built in hay feeders 58x24x18 needs new bottom to use for rabbits and chickens. $15.Single 36x18 needs tray $20.2 Singles with trays 22x18 $20 each.Blue plastic bottom cage. $40.Purple plastic bottom cage. $30.Plastic bottom cage wire in rough condition but still useable $10.Blue cag...